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"When in Rome eat like the Romans do"

Voted Highest quality food tour in Rome

Our Food Tour in Rome

The Roman Food Tour takes you off the beaten path, to a traditional Roman neighbourhood, to experience the real taste of the city. Enjoy one of Italy’s most pleasurable passions, with a complete food experience and let all of your senses come alive.

You will discover local secrets, become immersed in its rich culture and meet the wonderful people who are at the heart of these food traditions.

We believe that the stories behind the food are of equal importance to the food itself and the greater your knowledge and understanding of the food the more it satisfies you.

In between delicious food tastings, you will receive an insider’s view of the history, culture and architecture which define the Eternal City.

Whether you’re a food expert or just somebody who enjoys eating well, The Roman Food Tour offers an abundance of fun, knowledge and culture, guaranteed to fulfil your food eating dreams…

Group sizes are limited to 12 people so book now to reserve your spot.




Rome Food Tours

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